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With safety being our top priority, we are proud to serve our clients with a fleet of new, safe, and reliable vehicles. We ensure that our vehicles are maintained regularly and meet all safety standards.  We have small and large buses and wheelchair accessible vehicles in order to accommodate all of your charter needs. 

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Seat Belt Safety
Our goal is to get our students from point A to pint B safely every time. Our buses are regularly serviced in order to ensure they meet safety standards, students are transported safely and and parents rest easy.
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Seating Safety
Depending on the amount of passengers that need to be accommodated, we offer small or large buses to charter. A small bus can fit up to 15 adults, or 20-30 school children. A large bus can fit up to 50 adults, or 50-60 school children. Book the bus that best fits your needs and ride to your destination in comfort!
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Driver Safety 
Our drivers are expertly trained and strive to provide the best possible customer service experience, while also maintaining all safety standards.
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